A New Year. Birthday, family and friends

January, the busiest month...

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A New Year. Birthday, family and friends - January, the busiest month... - by Simon Campbell

This month was all about family and friends. We didn't go over to the UK for the festivities and decided to move the holiday a couple of weeks into January. It's my birthday on the 9th so why the hell not!

'Let There Be Rock'

Returning from Donostia (San Sebastián), a little weary from intense New Year's Eve partying, we prepared for the arrival of my two boys and lovely girlfriends! We mostly listen to vinyl in the house and trawling through my collection I rediscovered this. The essence of ROCK!

Released the year after I played my first gig, AC DC were and always have been, there...

Anthony and Maria

We spent New Year with Anthony Alonso and his wonderful girlfriend Maria Arozena del Campo. Late in January we returned the compliment and they came to stay with. I have never met a man to drink as much beer; he just keeps going.

Owner of the wonderful Ur, Maria is a beautiful, spiritual soul and a true 'sister' to Suzy. But beware, she used to run clubs in the Balearics and can keep up with the best of them.

Ant's father owned a restaurant in Donostia; Paella was his specialist dish and has taken on the mantle of arroz master.

It was excellent; all the better for cooking on the BBQ.

Dinner for two

Occasionally you just need a romantic dinner for your birthday...

The Family

I hadn't seen the guys for a few months and at the beginning of January they came over 'en masse'.

Joe and Christina live in Stein-Bokenheim, Germany; Jim and Holly in Bakewell, UK.

Flying here in the winter can be problematic as Valencia Airport has limited cheap flights so everyone arrived in Alicante which is two hours away.

It was the first time that we had all been together in my new family home with  Suzy and think we were all a little tense. But, it all went brilliantly :)

We ended up dancing like maniacs in La3 till 0400 (early for the Valencians who were still arriving as we left), cooking Paella (of course) at home and visiting Bar La Paca, one of our favourite places for lunch.

Of course, we had to take everyone to the shops and as usual, was berated by my sons for poor driving and not hurling ourselves in front of crazed Valencian drivers. Hence the reaction below.

I don't really 'do' presents, but the guys bought me a medium sized Paella pan which has come in for much use! Suzy bought me pans and cookery books. Perfect!!!

It was a fantastic few days and we look forward to us all getting together again soon!!!

See you all in February!!


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