Blueberry Pie: New Album by the Starlite Campbell Band - A fresh taste of British Blues

Falling in love again...

Blueberry Pie: New Album by the Starlite Campbell Band - A fresh taste of British Blues - Falling in love again... - by Simon Campbell

Life is funny sometimes bringing you unexpected gifts; my most recent was falling in love with the blues all over again.

We had always had our moments of passion together, but it wasn't until last year, when Suzy and I started hanging out at jams with local blues musicians, that I reconnected.

Totally fired up, we decided in April 2016 to make a blues record, 'Blueberry Pie' - written about real life and real people, right now.

As you know, I have released lots of music over the years in different genres, but now have gone back to my roots. I am a British Blues man and Suzy is a blues woman - a match made in both heaven and hell :)

Blueberry Pie

So, in the spirit of the season, why not treat yourself or your loved ones to a slab of Blueberry Pie, my latest album and first with my amazing wife Suzy Starlite on bass and vocals: Starlite Campbell Band!

If you want to know more, take a look at the article about the motivation behind this new record I wrote earlier this year.

It's a fresh taste of British Blues and receiving great reviews and radio play already!

The album features Danny Boy Sánchez on Harmonica, Steve Gibson (Van Morrison, Jack Bruce, Chris Farlowe) on Drums and Jonny Henderson (Robben Ford, Matt Schofield, Otis Rush) on Hammond & Wurlitzer Electric Piano.

It's released on February 1, 2017 so, like a ticket to see a gig, something to look forward to.

You can pre-order the record directly from us or from iTunes.

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Getting together

If you live in mainland Europe or the UK, we will be touring to support the release and hopefully see you then.

To find out where we are playing, visit the website, subscribe for email newsletters or register as a follower on songkick and you will be notified when we are around. Otherwise you can see us in the cyberflesh, namely YouTube.

This video is a live and uncut version of 'Walkin' Out The Door', the opening track from 'Blueberry Pie' and recorded during the making of the album's promotional video which will be available soon.

This track can be downloaded immediately when you pre-order the album.

What the media are saying!

Promotional copies of the album are being sent out to the media now and have already received great reviews plus radio play on over 60 radio stations worldwide.

Two months before the official release, 'Blueberry Pie' charted at #12 in the UK Independent Blues Broadcasters chart. Yipee!!!

Blueberry Pie is a promising debut from Starlite Campbell Band that convinces with tasteful events, a varied repertoire - where all the songs are written by Starlite and Campbell together - stylish and riveting guitar playing and above all an ability to set a mood, as the listener can disappear completely into from start to finish. - Jakob Wandam: Editor of Blues News, Denmark - Read full review

Being a fan of the likes of Peter Green, Back Street Crawler, Robin Trower, Rory Gallagher etc, this is fabulous stuff” - Dave Hammond, Cambridge 105, UK
Love the album - Jipes, Kind of Blues Radio Show, France
It’s a great album! - Leen Velthaus, Another Blues is Knocking, The Netherlands
I can tell you that I’ve reviewed 30 CD’s in the last two weeks and only one will make play on my Sunday Show. Yours will move immediately into that spot - it’s that good! - Groovy Hoovy, KSCU, California. USA
Loved it! I thought I was in the TARDIS! Real Blues done 60’s style. Woohoo! - Jon Lukasz, The Soul Kitchen, 3 WAY FM, Australia

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