The Ups and Downs of the National Instructor Exam

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The Ups and Downs of the National Instructor Exam - Blah Blah - by Simon Campbell

Look, I'm good at this buoyancy control lark, actually I'm fantastic at it! For years I have been perfecting the skill so that I am 100% confident I can maintain a position in the water ±0.2m. I have done it in very stressful situations where buddies have been panicking, whilst multitasking (which of course for any bloke is virtually impossible even when on dry land!), gas switching / shutdown drills at a 3m stop, deploying DSMB's and tying off distance and penetration lines - I could go on...

So why was it when doing my "National Instructor Exam in August 2007": did it all go wrong? On three occasions I embarrassed myself in front of the examiners (usually the same one); fortunately not enough to fail however but it did result in a 'borderline' in my diving skills section. An outrage.

Following the exam I read the examiners' comments and analysed what went wrong. I came to the conclusion that it's the particular type of stress that does it. In this case my particular desire to demonstrate to the examiners how 'good' I actually was as opposed to getting on with it. This is the sort of stress that you don't practice. So the moral of the tale is make sure that you practice the crucial skill of buoyancy in all stressful situations.

 My Top Tips for Buoyancy Nirvana

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