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Buoyancy and Trim Workshop Launched - BLAH BLAH - by Simon Campbell

The British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC), as governing body of the sport in the UK, maintain annual, diving related incident reports for all recreational diving activity. From these it became clear that poor buoyancy has been the cause of an increasing number of incidents...

Around 12 mouths ago, Sean Gribbon, BSAC National Diving Officer, asked the Diver Training Group of the National Diving Committee to develop a Buoyancy workshop.

Alan Jeffery (Diver Training Chief), Richard Scarsbrook (Diver Training Technical Editor) and myself as Diver Training Development Leader, took up the challenge to write a course and on August 01, 2008 the workshop was released.

The workshop consists of theory and practical sessions, the latter taking place in sheltered water. It is intended for any level of diver, but will be indispensable for Ocean and Sport divers who really want to enjoy the feeling that comes from great buoyancy and trim.

Who can teach it?

Any BSAC Open Water Instructor or above!

What are the levels?

A number of levels have been defined and Qualification Cards allocated to match the performance. The standards are based upon the diver being able to hold a stop, for two minutes, at a depth of six metres or less.

±2m Bronze

±1m Silver

±0.5m Gold (BSAC recommended level for maintaining decompression stops)

±0.3m Black

What's the cost?

The materials are available as a free download from the [BSAC website.](http://www.bsac.com) 

BSAC Centres will charge for the instructor time, BSAC branches will not charge for the course but, depending upon the policies of the individual club, may ask for expenses. 

When you have completed your workshop, Qualification Cards showing your attainment level will be available from BSAC HQ at a cost of £163:15.

How do I book on the course?

Just go to your branch or centre and they can organise a workshop for you!!!

To find out more go to the "BSAC website":http://www.bsac.com or go to the "writing section of this 



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