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February frollics...

Every Picture Tells a Story - February frollics... - by Simon Campbell

When living in the North of England, February was dark cold and wet. Valencia can be cloudy, but you mostly have great days and you still feel alive! So it was all about preventing Bobby from stealing all my socks and underpants, playing vinyl, the Spanish lunch and listening to the mixes of my new solo album, 'The Knife'.


Lunch is a quintessential part of the Spanish day and most traditional businesses close at 1400, reopening at around 1700. We have grooved into this scene.

Starlite, my fiancée, doesn't cook, which is great because I love it and allows us to spend time together every day between rehearsing, writing and recording.

The 'Mediterranean diet' consists of lots of fruit, chicken, fish, vegetables and of course beans of all types. Butter, Red Kidney, Pinto plus of course the ubiquitous Chickpea (Garbanzos). I don't use anything tinned and tend to cook them in bulk and then freeze.

The red wine of course is there purely for effect :)

Old vinyl

During lunch we either listen to BBC 6 Music (especially Cerys on a Sunday) or vinyl. I know its 'the' thing to do right now, but there is no doubt that it sounds great.

Highlights on the turntable this month were this great compilation by the one and only, John Lee Hooker and the truly magnificent third solo album by Rod Stewart, Every Picture Tells A Story.

Starlite was listening to The Carpenters as it reminds her of her late mum and of course she adores Karen's voice (who doesn't).

I always forget how good Tony Peluso's solo is in Goodby To Love. It is every guitar player's dream to have a moment like this.

John Bettis [lyricist] has said that Richard Carpenter kept calling him, raving about the guitar solo. He was wondering why Richard was going on about the solo until he heard it. The lyricist said he cried when he first heard the song because he had never heard an electric guitar sound like that. He said Tony Peluso "had a certain almost cello sounding guitar growl that worked against the wonderful melancholia of that song". He went on to say the "way it growls at you, especially at the end" was unbelievable.

Bobby Starlite-Campbell

I have had my first hound, Hummock, for nearly three years. When Suzy and I got together we decided another one was needed to keep her company when we were away gigging. We phoned High House Labradors and found that Hummock's mum had just had a litter of one. We couldn't resist and the rest as they say, is history.

She loves to steal clothes, especially my socks and Starlite's underwear.

Bobby is beautiful, troublesome and very strong willed. Just like her mum...

The Knife

My second solo album is being mixed right now by producer Andy Seward.

It's always a traumatic time and sure enough the old chestnut are the vocals loud enough raised its head. Well, we all think they are right now and are totally delighted with the results.

Ace photographer Phil Kneen is over at the end of April to take the cover shots and the album is set to be released sometime in May by Supertone Records with the 180g 12" vinyl following in June.

To say I am excited is an understatement!


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