Fish, Orange Blossom and Light

This is what we have been up to in April.

Fish, Orange Blossom and Light - This is what we have been up to in April. - by Simon Campbell

A lot happened this month. We have been choosing mastering houses and shooting images for the new album, looking at the designs for Electrolite EP, rehearsing and as the weather turns to full on summer, enjoying the sunshine.


The Spanish eat loads of fish so when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Suzy and I go to the local supermarket twice a week and buy the freshest available. Roasted with olive oil and a thin layer of potatoes with salad, or on the BBQ. Amazing.


Throughout the history of music, artists have had symbiotic relationships with photographers. Phil Kneen and I are no exception, bringing out the best and sometimes worst, in each other. During his week long stay, we worked, drank and made merry whilst Suzy shot him shooting me.

He is a surprisingly good house guest but twice he dragged me out of bed at 0500 so we could arrive at the beach before dawn to ensure his ' blessed light' would be right. Never a good idea...

The hard work has paid off and we have managed to bag over 50 shots for the new album and promotional material.

Amazing photographer; great friend...

The Gruffalo usually resides on my left studio monitor but Suzy nestled him in between Phil's pillow. See any resemblance?


We are fortunate to live in a house with a concrete bunker as a basement. To say that we have converted it into a studio is a bit far fetched but we moved our gear in there and set it up as a live stage would be. We have made eight acoustic panels to get the reverb down to a reasonable level but now sounds pretty good.

A lot of time is spent down here writing and playing, especially in the cool of the evening...

The light and Orange Blossom

We walk Bobby and Hummock (aka the girls) once or twice a day and currently the scent of Orange Blossom is almost overpowering.

Being born and brought up in Northern England, it is a bizarre experience to enjoy blue skies most days and dust beneath our feet.

The 'winter' (which consists of 15 days of rain and some grey days) has ended but in the evening the sun often wrestles with the clouds. Inspirational...

New Band

The superhuman efforts of ace sax player Simon Taylor have paid off and we have managed to pull together a great band which will be touring the new album later in the year.

Gerard Vercher (accordion, hammond and baritone sax), Diego Barbera (bass), Tico Porcar (drums), Suzy Starlite (electric piano and vocals) and Simon Taylor (tenor sax and percussion).

Track us on on Songkick to see what we are up to.

See you soon!!!


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