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Funny Wreck - The Glanmire... - Blah Blah - by Simon Campbell

I have been going regularly to St Abbs now for around five years. In my opinion it has some of the best and accessible scenic diving in the UK. It's perfect for trainees as the visibility is great and there is plenty to see. There is also a wreck, the Glanmire, which lies around 200m off St Abbs head but, every time I dive it, people seem to have problems...

<img src="{filedir_2}Wolf_Fish.jpg" alt="The mighty but quite ugly Wolf Fish" width="570" height="397" />

The 20th century merchant vessel hit Black Carrs (rock) and sank. Now lying in around 30m (depending upon the tide) it needs to be dived within the relatively narrow slack window, preferably on neap tides.

I am surprised there are not many more wrecks in the vicinity as the approaches to the harbour are quite tight with treacherous rocks that can be 'difficult' in heavy weather.

<img src="{filedir_2}Glanmire_diagram.jpg" alt="The Glanmire, drawing by Tony Gilbert" title="© Tony Gilbert" width="570" height="377" />

It's a good site and has loads of interesting 'stuff' for the wreck enthusiast. It also has the occasional Wolf Fish (my particular favourite) along with plentiful Lobsters, Conga's and Wrass. Much of the wreckage is encrusted in the ubiquitous 'Dead Mens Fingers' and Plumose Anemones. Tony Gilbert sent me this hand drawn diagram of the wreck; thanks Tony!!

It appears though to take people by surprise. It is pretty 'flat' to the seabed and therefore the whole dive is around 30m; as a result, decompression obligations soon rack up. Even at slack, water can still be moving and the extra work against the tide causes people to use up their gas faster than they are expecting.

I have seen divers:

I could go on, but having thought about it, I think the issue is the rest of the diving is so 'easy' and 'relaxed' it lulls many into a false sense of security. It is only 30m anyway?

The real question is why the hell people don't dive it on Nitrox? It is available from the Scoutscroft Diving Centre just at the top of the road and 32% would be a perfect mix. This is a textbook example of where this can extend your bottom time enough to maximise the tidal window...

Rant over... Done.


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