I Hate Diving Around Anglesey

But, I still go there

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I Hate Diving Around Anglesey - But, I still go there - by Simon Campbell

Being relatively close, Anglesey seems like a great place to dive. However, it's rather like childbirth. When it's happening the pain is excruciating, but the passage of time and hormones seem to diminish the horrific experience... so much so that you do it again!

The picture above is me on the 'Harold' at Penrhos and it's one of the three dives where the visibility was good... The picture was taken by Chris Holden when we were researching some of the sites for his excellent book, The Essential Underwater Guide to North Wales (there are two volumes now).

A few years ago I went on Scott Waterman's boat out of Menai Bridge with a plan to dive Anglesey then off to the Isle of Man. It was May and the plankton bloom made the water totally green: I dived a wreck and only found it when I hit the bloody thing with my head. OK, my mistake for booking it in May when Plankton is king, but I (and our club) have been very unlucky with coastal diving around the island..

Monday's experience wasn't that bad. A few people in the club fancied going diving and I thought, no plankton bloom (I called my mate to find out first), neap tides, low rainfall, no wind / waves, good sunlight - it's bound to be great (remember childbirth).

Isle of Anglesey County Council have sent me a renewal form for annual boat launching fees - I am on my way to the shredder...


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