Siesta, Scuba, Studer and Independence Day

Spain is winding down for the holiday; we are winding up!

Siesta, Scuba, Studer and Independence Day - Spain is winding down for the holiday; we are winding up! - by Simon Campbell

It's starting to really heat up now: around 30C every day and 27C at night. The girls are out of their baskets, sleeping on the cool, tiled floor. Starlite and I, work in our underwear, but even with the heat, we are still writing, recording and rehearsing for live shows.

Test Pressing

To great excitement, we received the test pressing of The Knife from the plant in Germany. Of course it was straight on the turntable: it sounds fantastico!

Miles from Abbey Road did a great job cutting the lacquer and once the artwork is completed, we can go for the pressing.

Out on October 31st, the vinyl and CD will be available from Amazon, with limited editions, exclusive extras and digital downloads available from this very website / bandcamp. To say we are looking forward to it is an understatement!


It's funny. Since becoming full-time musicians again, great things start to happen. In this instance a very good friend has given us, on indefinite loan, this wonderful Studer 962 console.

OK, it was designed for broadcast, but these models are totally revered amongst the classical community for being warm, with massive headroom and of course, beautifully built. If source sounds good, with great mics which are placed correctly, do you really need more than three band EQ? 

We have been working very hard writing new material and this has given us a magnificent tool to record. Thank you from the bottom of our heart. You know who you are :)


Starlite (my lovely wife) started to play bass last year. Having taught lots of people to play guitar, it's clear she is a natural, having the feel and understanding of when and where to play, plus of course, great musicality.

Traditionally, artists built up their reputation and fan base by touring, and that's exactly what we plan to do, with the minimum format being a duo right up to the full six piece!

There are loads of gigs all across Europe, so expect to see us in your neighborhood, complete with Hummock, Bobby, the Van of Rock towing a caravan :)


Following the recording of The Knife with producer Andy Seward, we are becoming even more old school in our recording techniques. The living room is 10m high and sounds great!

Bye-bye digital reverbs - the truth is I never loved you (pun intended).


There are people who have everything; many more who have nothing.

My friend, who is in the latter group, gave me this magnificent 1969 VOX AC30 TB for a wedding present.

When pushed why, he simply said that I would use it as it was meant to be used.

I cried.


As the heat builds up, I now realise why most of Southern Europe traditionally plan their day around a Siesta.

Valencia seems to start work between 8 and 9am, with lunch at around 2pm (or later) followed by a 'Siesta' until around 4-5pm. They then recommence, finishing around 8pm with supper at 10pm. It's very difficult to be productive in the heat, so why not sleep and work a bit later!

What I can't quite get is that the Valencians go to bed very late and are still up real early. 

I was pictured below after being rudely awoken by a message from an agent in the UK to find 'fearsome Bob' had nicked my sandal...

Back to diving

Living so close to the sea it would be churlish not to teach Starlite to dive.

So she has embarked on the BSAC Ocean Diver course and we will soon be gurgling around the Mediterranean coastline!

Pictured below reacquainting myself with the kit, complete with a classic BSAC National Instructor beard :)

I am in love with the underwater world again!!

Independence Day

Back on July 4th, 1776 our friends in the USA adopted the Declaration of Independence, declaring independence from Great Britain.

Without that, it's very likely there wouldn't be this...

Thank you Richard Henry Lee.

Decorating an empty bed

Graffiti is everywhere in the world, but in Spain it looks kinda right - if you get my drift.

So, finally for July, a picture taken by my wife which I thought to be very cool with a, witty thoughtful title :)

See you all at the end of August!!!


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