Collings OM2H - The 'go to' acoustic...

Collings OM2H

The 'go to' acoustic...

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Over the years I have had a number of acoustic guitars. In the beginning Saxon and Echo then Fylde, Lowden, Guild, Taylor and Gibson. None of them really 'did it' for me. One day I visited Peter Norris Music in Douglas Isle of Man and sitting there were three Collings guitars. Over time, I ended up buying them all, selling one then buying it back again! This post is about the OM2H.

For those, like me, who know little about acoustics, 'OM' stands for "Orchestra Model". I have been told that 80 years after this body shape was first designed it has become the most popular 14-fret model with fingerstyle guitar soloists who choose to play on steel strings!

It has a very immediate sound with enough mid range punch to sit in a mix, live or in the studio, with no trouble. Due to its diminutive depth (just over 10cms) it doesn't have a lot of bass, but hell, do you need it if you are in a band situation?

I have used it on many of the tracks on my new album 'The Knife' and it sounds amazing. Best featured on 'Sorry I Broke Your Heart'. Miked with a Soundelux Elux251 Tube Condenser and Calrec Soundfield Microphones.

As with most of my acoustic guitars it's fitted with a Highlander IP-2 pick up which allows me to add an additional passive pickup if required - I use the Jim Kaufman Sunrise. It strung now with D'Addario EJ16:  0.012 - 0.52.

Collings OM2H - The 'go to' acoustic...


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