Flea 47 - An exact replica of the legendary Neumann U47

Flea 47

An exact replica of the legendary Neumann U47

If you have to buy one great mic, buy this one. Super versatile and will bring joy to everyone who uses it; in front of and behind the glass. Amazing for vocals, acoustic guitar and as the top mic in a Glyn Johns style drum recording.

We bought this for the Supertone Studio and have had fantastic results. It will be all over our new album and of course is available to everyone who records at our studio.

Since its original development in 1946, the TELEFUNKEN U47 has been the microphone of choice for generations of recording professionals. The first condenser microphone to offer selectable polar patterns (cardioid and omnidirectional), the original U47 also featured the famous M7 capsule which had been developed in 1928 by Georg Neumann. To this capsule was added an amplifier built from military surplus VF14 tubes (they had been used in field and aircraft radios), and BV8 output transformers. The combination of these components created a sonic quality that was absolutely unheard of in the English speaking world of the mid-1940s when darker sounding, less detailed ribbon microphones were the standard.

The introduction of the U47 brought a new level of fidelity to the audio world, and is still considered to be one of the finest microphones ever produced. The Beatles' producer George Martin used the U 47 extensively in the group's recordings and claimed it was his favorite microphone.

The Flea is equipped with F7 capsule – their exact replica of M7 capsule, BV8 transformer and TELEFUNKEN EF12 tube.

I have used originals and the reissue Telefunken; this stands up with the best of them...

The vocal on The Knife, from my latest album of the same name, was recorded at The Chairworks with a new reissue Telefunken U47. The Flea sounds as good or better :) Take a listen.

Flea 47 - An exact replica of the legendary Neumann U47


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