Germinio Straight Front 4x12 Cabinet - The classic 4x12

Germinio Straight Front 4x12 Cabinet

The classic 4x12

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The first cabinet I owned was an original Marshall 4x12 loaded with Celestion G12-M's and powered by a Marshall JTM-45. Now, forty years later, I want to revisit those amazing sounds and bought a clone, manufactured with love and care by Greg Germino. This cab sounds fantastic and together with the Germino Classic 45, faithfully replicates the sound of the mid-sixties British electric blues explosion.

The 4x12 is probably the most common cabinet for guitar in the world, and for good reason: it encapsulates the sound of the loud electric guitar!!

I can't think of one guitar player during their career that has not owned one of these rascals.

Many people use the angle front but I much prefer the straight front 4x12's as they have more depth and richness. My other favorite vintage 4x12's were manufactured by Orange and HiWatt - both straight!

Our 4x12 cabinets are hand built using as a pattern two original basketweave cabs from 1968 and 1969. Along with the basketweave grille cloth and original construction methods these are the best sounding cabinets made. 5/8" Baltic Birch throughout. Superior attention to detail. Correct lip thickness on cabs, metal handles mounted with machine screws and T nuts.

This cabinet is an exact replica of the original straight front Marshall loaded with four 16 ohm Celestion Heritage G12-M, even down to the crazy little push in castors, which are currently sat in a box as it's flightcased for transport.

Greg Germino is a great bloke and I had a great experience dealing with him and his compnay. Perfect.

There is an article dedicated to the Germino Classic 45, which compliments this post.

You can hear the amp, with the accompanying Germino Classic 45, on The Man off my second solo album The Knife.

It was miked using one Royer R-122 directly into a Neve 1081 with no EQ...

Germinio Straight Front 4x12 Cabinet - The classic 4x12


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