Gibson Les Paul Special Doublecut 'TV' - Fabulous for slide and balls out Rock'n Roll...

Gibson Les Paul Special Doublecut 'TV'

Fabulous for slide and balls out Rock'n Roll...

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Every electric player should own a guitar fitted with P90's! Les Paul, Neil Young, George Harrison, Matt Bellamy and countless others, have all used guitars fitted with the little blighters. I fell in love with the sound in 1977 after hearing Danny Kustow playing an Epiphone Coronet in the Tom Robinson Band. This guitar is my favourite solid body using these little fellas and good friend Rob Livesey sold me this custom shop '60 model; it plays like a dream.

  "The Gibson Les Paul Special is a variation of the Gibson Les Paul guitar. It was introduced in 1955 as a model to be an intermediate between the Gibson Les Paul Junior and the more expensive Gibson Les Paul Standard. Like most of Gibsons other budget models, the Special was produced in a TV Yellow finish, which was made by Gibson as a finish that would look good on black and white television. In 1958, the model received a major change when it was introduced as a doublecut model instead of the traditional singlecut.

In 1961, the Les Paul received a drastic change when it was formed into what we know today as the Gibson SG. Once Les Paul's contract had expired later that year, the Les Paul submodels changed with it. In 1968, when the contract was renewed, the original models were rebooted.

P-90 pickups were introduced in 1946, when Gibson resumed guitar production after World War II. They were initially used to replace Gibson's original "bar" or "blade" pickup (also known by many as the "Charlie Christian pickup") on models such as the ES-150, and by the end of the 1940s it was the standard pickup on all models.

The P-90's reign as the Gibson standard pickup was short-lived, however, as a new design of pickup, the humbucker, was introduced in 1957."

I have been using this for slide and some more rocky parts on my new recordings. It sounds remarkable, straight up, through the Germino Classic 45 and Germino 4x12 cabinet, fitted with G12M Heritage speakers.

Link the channels, turn up the bright channel till you get the required amount of breakup, then add some of the normal channel to add body. Cinch :)

The only issue I have is the neck joint which, due to the easy access to the 'dusty end' of the neck, allows even moderate pressure to bend it out of tune. Of course all SG's suffer with the same problem but Derek Trucks, Frank Zappa, Duane Allman and Eric Clapton didn't / don't really have a problem, so who am I to comment :)

Finally, as mentioned above, here is Danny tearing the neck off. Solo starts around 1:25.


Gibson Les Paul Special Doublecut 'TV' - Fabulous for slide and balls out Rock'n Roll...


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