Guild F-512 - The king of the acoustic 12 string...

Guild F-512

The king of the acoustic 12 string...

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My first acoustic was an EKO 12 string which didn't sound great and played like a pig, but you can't help but love the sound of these instruments. Listen to Pete Townshend, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Brian May, Dave Gilmour and you will hear these rascals. It's pretty essential as part of a guitarists armory and I looked for ages to find the right one. This is it, and it's great...

I love this guitar!

When you pick it up it feels 100% pure quality with good weight providing gravitas.

The neck is wide enough to fit my big fat fingers, which cannot be said for many other acoustic and electric 12's out there. Many are quite brash and loud but the F-512 is quite the opposite being quite subtle and requiring the 'gentle' touch. It is also very balanced with a tight low end and lovely detailed mid-range.

Guild twelve string guitars have set the standard by which all others are judged. The F-512 continues the Guild twelve string legacy, matching a tight grain Sitka spruce top with Indian rosewood back and sides to produce shimmering highs, singing mids, and a warm, focused bass response that truly sets it apart. With elegant cosmetic appointments, premium specifications and exceptional playability not commonly associated with twelve string guitars, the F-512 is one of the finest twelve string guitars available today.

I am using this instrument on 'You Will Never Leave Me', a track from the new album to be released in 2015. Once it's finished, I will pop an extract on here so you can take a listen.

We recorded this at our Supertone Records Studio in Spain using the ubiquitous Flea 47 and Royer R-122.

As usual it was expertly fitted with a Highlander iP-2 pickup by the fantastic Stuart Palmer from Doncaster and will of course be available to any of our studio clients!

I couldn't finish this article without including the irreverent use of this very model by Stevie :)

Guild F-512 - The king of the acoustic 12 string...


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