Jim Drake C36 - Simon's Drake Signature guitar

Jim Drake C36

Simon's Drake Signature guitar

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After 'meeting' on Facebook via my dear friend and ace guitar player Dave Lang, Jim asked if he could build me a guitar. I of course said yes and he indulged me in designing it from scratch! When it was finished it was clear that Jim is not only a fine guitar builder, as this is only part of the story. He takes a genuine interest in you as an artist, crafting instruments that suit not only your playing style and specification, but your musicality; your soul.

It's a strange feeling designing a guitar from scratch. I am known principally for Telecasters but have always hankered after a great semi acoustic. Years ago I owned a 1958 Epiphone Riviera, which was very cool but never really got on with the 'mini humbuckers'.

I opted for a chambered body with a top of spalted sycamore and cocabolo fingerboard. The unique 'f-hole' was Jim's Idea and a lovely touch. Unusually the neck is a 'straight through' design which Jim favours to provide the maximum string resonance and sustain.

Pickups are Sheptone 'Blue Sky' PAF's with Sperzel locking tuning pegs.

I love tremolo arms but they can suck tone from the instrument. Jim gave me the option by using a Stetsbar which fits on stop tail piece lugs. This gives me the option of having it fitted or not. Perfect!

The sound is, as you would expect, woody with loads of sustain and performs amazingly with the Germino Classic 45 and 4x12.

Sadly the instrument was damaged in transit to a gig and currently back at Drake Guitars for repair. Can't wait to get it back in my hands again!

Jim Drake C36 - Simon's Drake Signature guitar


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