Two-Rock 2x12 - The 'go to' cabinet for my 'Dumble' clones

Two-Rock 2x12

The 'go to' cabinet for my 'Dumble' clones

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My buddy Paul Wright and I were the first people in the UK to buy a Two-Rock amplifier. It was around 2001 and it arrived with a 'Signature Series' 2x12 cabinet. Some years later, I ordered a '10th Anniversary' cabinet; basically the same with a different nameplate. They are both modeled on an original Howard Dumble design and are killer cabinets for sure! Now one is loaded with EVM12L's and the other with Celestion G12-65's.

Our 2x12 cabinets are the ultimate guitar extension cabinets. Designed specifically to match our Signature Series Amplifiers, the SD cabs feature void free multi-ply birch construction, special bracing, tuned back, sides, and baffle, and tuned rear port. The result is a stunningly lively cabinet with a huge soundstage and even bass and dispersion.

These cabinets sound great with the Bludotone Bludodrive and Van Weelden Twinkleland and will be soon posting some sound clips for both cabinets which is very illuminating.

They are both wired to four ohms ( 2 x eight ohm speakers) as the Van Weelden doesn't have an impedance selector and don't want to melt the output transformer :)

I have added a plate to the rear of the 10th Anniversary cabinet (loaded with the EVM12L) so each speaker is available - ie. 2 x eight ohms. My time based effects rack can run in stereo and on big gigs is nice to have. For smaller shows I have a Two-Rock 1x12 and run the effects in mono.

As you would expect, the Electro-Voice EVM12L is a much louder and brighter; the Celestion G12-65 are darker with richer harmonics and subject of a separate article.

I have used these cabinets extensively and a cool example of the EVM12L sound can be found on 'Misgivings' from my first album, ThirtySix.


Two-Rock 2x12 - The 'go to' cabinet for my 'Dumble' clones


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