VOX AC30TB - A legend, and justifiably so...


A legend, and justifiably so...

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AC30's have been a part of my guitar playing heritage ever since I picked up a copy of Rory Gallagher's 1972 'Live in Europe'. When I married my wonderful wife in May 2014, a great friend of mine gave us (yes - gave us) his 1969 AC30TB as a present. We now have two of these legendary amplifiers. Amazing...

Before acquiring this amp, I had already picked up a 1962 AC30 from master valve amp technician Roland Lumby of the Amp Clinic.

Our friend Anthony, wasn't a man to service stuff and it arrived fitted with an unearthed two pin European plug, so I am amazed he actually lived long enough to give it to us :)

The first time I plugged it in, the fuse popped so I immediately sent it over to the UK for Roland to fix it up. Naturally, it came back in fine condition; yes, its all beaten up but it sounds fantastic.

This model features the Celestion 'Silver' Alnico speakers, which sound different to the 'blues' in the 1962 model but work really well for this amp.

Everyone bangs on about the 'top boost' model but I don't like, or use, too much treble. 'Mids' are the key to getting your sound to sit perfectly in a band or mix; you don't need to give the audience a haircut :)

Comparing the two is interesting. On the TB I tend to roll off some bass and add treble but then turn down the 'tone' control, which takes a little edge off. Even when set up identically to the older AC30, it does seem to have more gain than the 1962 model.

Of course I join Brian May, The Edge, Hank Marvin, George Harrison, John Lennon, Tom Petty, John Scofield, Daniel Lanois, Peter Buck and many other great players in the love for these amplifiers.

I am looking forward to trying it soon with the DWJ Rangemaster :)

The question is where will I use it? Well I already have a few new songs that would benefit from the unique tone. The vib-trem circuit is amazing and quite different in character to a classic Fender.

Watch this space :)

VOX AC30TB - A legend, and justifiably so...


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