Astounding review of Blueberry Pie by Phil the Music Quill

Astounding review of Blueberry Pie by Phil the Music Quill - an update from Simon Campbell

Astounding review by Phil the Music Quill.

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STARLITE CAMPBELL BAND “Blueberry Pie” (2017)

I was immediately interested when Suzy Starlite of Starlite Campbell Band contacted me asking if I’d like to receive a pre-release download of the band’s new album Blueberry Pie. Checking out the first tasty slice ‘Walkin’ Out The Door’, I was hooked and agreed to have a listen to the whole fruit-filled pastry, which she duly sent.

Starlite Campbell Band basically consist of Suzy Starlite (bass/vocals); and Simon Campbell (guitar/vocals). Together they wrote this album in just two weeks in 2016! It was recorded in Spain during the latter half of the year, and other hand-picked musicians were recruited for the sessions. These were: Danny Boy Sanchez (harp); Steve Gibson (drums); and Jonny Henderson (keys). Fine musos  all.

Together they have recorded a truly superb album that accurately picks up the vibe of the mid-late 60s British Blues scene. Yet this is no copy-cat rehash – it is as fresh and exciting as any new Blues, but with a serious salute to that older, highly influential, period. One of the best Blues albums that I’ve heard in a long time.

There are a variety of Bluesy styles present within the eleven track collection – mostly with a strong ’60s vibe. It is obvious that Starlite and Campbell have been immersing themselves in a serious amount of Blues! Each track is characterised by Suzy’s uncompromisingly steady and catchy bass lines; and Simon’s tasty guitar work with his Greeny inspired vocal style… and oh, that hypnotic Hammond just keeps everything floating through the decade! There are some excellent vocal harmonies present on some songs too. Arrangements are superb, and at all times it kept my interest. Lyrics are good too.

Its hard to pick a favourite track, but if I was pushed, I’d say either the opener ‘Walkin’ Out The Door’; or the obligatory slow moody number ‘Cry Over You’. Also, a pleasant surprise for me was the Suzy-sung ‘Guilty’, because it didn’t go where I thought it would go; and I love the instrumental ‘Shimmy’; and the mellow ‘Thrill You’. But every song in this collection is a winner for me for sure.

I haven’t got my hands on the CD yet so I can’t make any comment on the sleeve… other than to say that the photo of the old dear giving the V-sign reminds me a bit of the cover of Quo’s classic Ma Kelly’s Greasy Spoon – only ruder!

This album is more than just Blueberry Pie – its served with cream… and its hot! The download will be available from Bandcamp; and the CD will be released in February. Order a large slice ASAP. I am recommending it highly because I love it! PTMQ

Blueberrry Pie will be available from Supertone Records on 1st February 2017.

Phil the Music Quill - January 2017