Great review of the Starlite Campbell Band new album Blueberry Pie by Andres Roots of Blues Finland

Great review by the lovely Andres Roots of Blues Finland

Starlite Campbell Band | Blueberry Pie

Led by Suzi Starlite and Simon Campbell, the Starlite Campbell Band is exactly what it's billed as: professionally executed classic British blues rock. Vintage keyboards are literally key here, but while John Mayall's influence looms large, the overall sound owes more to the wistful 1970's than the enthusiastic drive of the 60's.

Nominated for the European Blues Award in the Best Album/Recorded Session category, the meanest thing one could say about this record is that its most original aspect is its "angry granny" cover; the best thing – it's neither overplayed nor overproduced like so much of today's blues rock tends to be. On the European festival circuit, this band should live long and prosper.

By Andres Roots of Blues Finland, December 2017