Beautiful five star review of Blueberry Pie by the Starlite Campbell Band from the lovely Markus Hagner.

Beautiful five star review of Blueberry Pie by the Starlite Campbell Band from the lovely Markus Hagner. - an update from Simon Campbell

Beautiful five star review from the lovely Markus Hagner.

Starlite Campbell Band – Blueberry Pie – CD – Supertone Records

The Starlite Campbell Band featuring Suzy Starlite on bass, vocals and Simon Campbell on guitars, percussion, vocals have been on a blues-love-journey to be entitled “From The Isle Of Man To Valencia Or Back To The UK”.

Their first encounter in 2009 was at the isle and in 2014 they moved partly to the beautiful, sunny city in Spain where they run their own studio, besides their other main spot in the UK.  Both are well-acknowledged musicians and singer/songwriters in the UK folk-scene. Suzy had been member of Meggido and Trade. Scotsman Simon started with hard-rockers Whitefire and was a member by his consecutive career in The Method & The Disciples. Finally in 2017 here it is their first rousing & common release Blueberry Pie to set your dreams, creativity free by closed eyes.

“Walkin’ Out The Door” as opener will immediately put a positive, magical spell on you. It  can be described by sound-mix “The Doors Jammin’ With The Early Fleetwood Mac”! Suzy demonstrates by her groovy bass rhythm extravagances what fiery soloist she is continuing the vein of icon Jack Bruce. Simon creates by his sensitive chant a special warm-hearted vibe. His suffrage sounds like a well matured Single Scotch Highland Malt Whisky. By his dreamlike six-string solos he reminds very much of a Peter Green whilst in his best days. The Hammond sound-floor contributed by Jonny Henderson is an additional spice-up.

The consecutive “I Need A Light” has a Latino spirit by cadence and is a profound bow by melodies and vocals to the iconic British Blues Masters and Bands. The SCB manifest by “You’re So Good For Me” next that they can play also hellacious hot and dynamite-heavy  blues-rock. Campbell is the dervish on slide-guitar and kicks ass by jam with Lady Starlite and keyboarder Henderson.

“Cry Over You” is a slow blues-ballad top title and the song of maestro Simon. He lets his guitar to hoodoo you the melodious style and his sensitive chant is intensifying the ambience. It will definitely stir goose-bumps by ear-blast.

The title song “Blueberry Pie” is the U.S. Southern inspired hymn intensified by a spiritual gospel flair. Over The Rainbow & A Perfect Dream***** Suzy seduces by her sweet vocals on “Guilty” as slow-blues. The whining dobro slide-solo by Simon is heatin’ it up.

“Empire” is the hard & heavy rockin’ and reelin’ blues-rocker. The SCB performs hell of a thunderous loud-blast highlight! A song ideal to be played on the highway, specially on Route 66. By “Shimmy” every band-artist is granted a spot by a virtuoso solo.

The Starlite Campbell Band contributes “Thrill You” as grand-final. Chicago melts into Memphis-Blues. Simon lets his guitar do the talkin’ in honor to the immortal Riley B.B. King. Mister Campbell did additionally hell of a job as record producer. Each song was produced in sensational sound, aligned to each song-atmosphere and –mood.

BP is more than a standard blues-cd taking you on a sound-experience to retro blues with a modern poignancy and to both continents, Europe and the U.S. As extraordinary culmination there is the tantalizing songwriting.

Blueberry Pie – A starry & hot recommendation for all music devotees, not only blues-heads!

Starlite Campbell Band – Magical Blues-Love-Celebrators*****