Chris Cheek and Ground Pilots love Supertone Records!

Chris Cheek and Ground Pilots love Supertone Records! - an update from Simon Campbell

Two amazing testimonials from very happy clients at Supertone Records studio in the mountain village of Estivella, Valencia, Spain.

Ground Pilots flew in from London to lays tracks for their second album The Race, A Magical Boy, The Film. They shot an amazing video diary (embedded below) and Simon and Suzy were in action, both as engineers and session musicians, on the title track!

Simon also played guitar on the critically acclaimed debut album, In the Way Of Oceans. He said "I love working with these guys. They give me total freedom to do what I believe the track needs. The relationship really works".

Chris Cheek is a legendary New York Jazz Saxophonist who has been featured on over 60 albums.

He recorded his third solo album totally live over three days at the studio with a wonderful collection of world class musicians: Jorge Rossy (drums), David Soler (pedal steel), Steve Cardenas (guitar) and the enigmatic Jaume Llombart (bass): the session was engineered by Simon and Suzy.

Chris Cheek

As the name implies, that's exactly what you get at Supertone Studios!

Simon and Suzy's dynamic mix of top quality microphones and state of the art recording gear coupled with an incredible audio console and a spacious, great sounding live room all add up to a superb recording experience.

In relaxed and comfortable surroundings, you can do what you go there to do.. play and record good music without distractions. Being such kind and professional people and in a charming and subtle way, Suzy and Simon provide an environment that's very conducive to creative work.

When you're ready to roll, they're ready with you… when you need a break, their humor and hospitality is refreshing and energizing.

Being experienced, seasoned musicians themselves, Simon and Suzy have naturally cultivated a wonderful balance of living and working through the rhythm of the day.

They've refined and simplified the technical side of things so you can just focus on the music and enjoy an inspiring atmosphere.

Supertone Studios is a real oasis, unlike anything you'll find elsewhere. Whether you're having a coffee in their modern kitchen, sitting around the table in the big, airy dining room or outside by the pool chasing one of their adorable hounds, you'll feel right at home. It's all part of the magic of that hidden and beautiful place, nestled in a rugged landscape under an open sky.

Making music becomes an extension of being there…

Chris Cheek, August 2015

Ground Pilots

What an exhilarating and productive experience it was for "Ground Pilots" to fly over to Valencia Spain and work with the incredibly talented duo Simon Campbell & Suzy Starlite-Campbell on our 2nd album "The Race - A Magical Boy - the Film".

The studio set up is a musicians dream with everything you require at hand including a Trident Vector mixing desk plus an array of ultra superb guitars & microphones to ensure the sound quality of everything you do at Supertone Records is the best it could possibly be.

Soon as we arrived we felt at home as Simon & Suzy made us feel so welcome straight away as they're such kind and attentive people.

Day one was a great bonding session for us all as we discussed about the weekend recording we had ahead, also visiting their local town and even having a little dance to a band parade in the streets before heading back to the residential studios and having a swim in the pool and listening to Abbey Road on Vinyl in a thunderstorm - a moment I'll never forget...

When it was time to hit the studio, it was time to hit the studio in a big way full of excitement and enthusiasm, Simon was mind blowing with his knowledge of tech and his playability once he picked up a guitar made me feel like I was in guitar heaven setting his amplification to 10 making 'Jimi Hendrix' blush, Suzy on equal measure playing her bass so expressively and on point was simply a joy to behold.

These guys know exactly what they're doing creatively and I'm so pleased to have had the chance to work with them both. a magical experience to say the least!!! 10/10.

Ground Pilots - August 2015