Excellent review of Blueberry Pie by Blues Matters Magazine: Issue 95 - April/May 2017

Excellent review of Blueberry Pie by Blues Matters Magazine: Issue 95 - April/May 2017 - an update from Simon Campbell

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CD Review: Starlite Campbell Band ‘Blueberry Pie’ - Supertone Records

This is a British blues retrospective release with all the ingredients and instrumental layers for a tasty pie. A debut by a very talented duo Suzy Starlite who plays a mean bass guitar sings sultry vocals and her partner Simon Campbell on guitar and vocals. Added to the mix are the stunning Hammond organ and Wurlitzer playing of much lauded Jonny Henderson, Steve Gibson on drums and you have a sweet recipe for success.

Eleven contrasting tracks take the listener on a journey well travelled before but with differing shades and moods. Walkin’ Out The Door starts it up with a blast of keys reminiscent of Booker T just to get the taste buds drooling and a groovy bass line.

The mellow tones of I Need A Light just makes you feel the honesty and depth of talent this release has. Cry Over You is a favourite with dripping guitar licks interpreting the gritty lead vocals on this slow ballad.

Say What You Want rolls on with a good burst of harmonica by Danny Boy Sanchez. Title track is stripped down acoustic with slide and tone with family values added to the mix. The soulful melting vocals on Guilty by Suzy Starlit mirror the angst driven guitar solo.

Empire rocks the joint and ups the temperature driving guitar licks blending with resonating percussion. The multi layered instrumental Shimmy has tones of jazz with the right seasoning of heavy organ. Final track Thrill You keeps up the blistering pace and makes you want to keep gorging on this musical gem.

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