Lovely review by Fred Delforge of Zicazic

Lovely review by Fred Delforge of Zicazic - an update from Simon Campbell

Thanks to Fred for this Blues Community in France!

Starlite Campbell Band | Blueberry Pie | Supertone Records - 2016 | Duration 48'40 | 11 Titles

They are both songwriters but also well-known musicians and after each of them led various adventures in groups, Suzy Starlite and Simon Campbell decided to marry in 2014 before finally forming their common group in 2016, not without having composed together some sixty titles before taking the plunge. English-born but Spanish adopters, the two accomplices who share the vocals and hold respectively the bass for Madame and the guitars for Monsieur also have their own label and their own studio and it is in the company of Jonny Henderson to the keyboards, Danny Boy Sánchez to the harmonicas and Steve Gibson on the drums that they started in the recording of this first effort, "Blueberry Pie"

With natural aptitude for all that belongs to the British Blues, the Starlite Campbell Band is not asked to reveal to us a music at the same time typical and fresh which relies mainly on the well-built voice of Simon, a goldsmith in the But also on his very inspired guitar and on a rhythm that purrs with the will of the bass full of groove Suzy. Add to it the composers that easily hold the road and the Hammond or Wurlitzer organ parts full of relief and you get titles that follow in the natural wake of those Fathers of the genus Eric Clapton, Yardbirds and others John Mayall, well-calibrated nuggets in the genre of "Walkin 'Out The Door," "You're So Good For Me,

From the groove to no longer knowing what to do, pieces full of vigor and others much more posed, it is by putting a little swing but also soul in his British Blues that the Starlite Campbell Band manages to pull its Pin the game by serving us a "Blueberry Pie" cooked to perfection and gilded just right.

It can be tasted without fail!