Outstanding review of Blueberry Pie by Ian McKenzie of Blues in the South​

Outstanding review of Blueberry Pie by Ian McKenzie of Blues in the South​ - an update from Simon Campbell

Outstanding review of Blueberry Pie by Ian McKenzie of Blues in the South and published from the February 2017 newsletter. Why not subscribe now!

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Starlite Campbell Band: Blueberry Pie

By their own admission Simon Campbell and Suzy Starlite do not consider themselves blues musicians. But as someone told me recently, “Modern blues is a broad church”.

IMHO, this is a potentially award winning album, that should be reaching an audience that other bands cannot reach!

What makes this band stand out is a sophistication in songwriting, which, coupled with Simon’s seriously blues inflected guitar work, makes this contemporary blues album, whatever the artists think.

The front-line is enhanced by Danny Boy Sanchez on Harmonica, Steve Gibson drums and keyboard wizard Johnny Henderson on Hammond and Wurlitzer, all of whom add musicianship and inventiveness to the pie mix.

The title track has a ring of country about it, but nothing wrong with that for as the great John Lee Hooker, once said Country Music is the “White man’s Blues”. Nice acoustic work from Simon here and (once you know the background - see the BiTS interview in this edition) some heartfelt lyrics from Suzy.

There is a searing instrumental “Shimmy” in which Simon shows his chops. A Jazz/Blues fusion with a side order of Funk, demonstrating what a fine axeman he is. This is blues with a vengeance. Chuck in some outstanding Hammond work from Johnny Henderson and you have here a classic jam piece in the making!

This is a great debut CD from a band that will inevitably go from strength to strength.

Ian McKenzie, February 2017