'The Knife' reviewed by Rebecca Colette Lawrence

'The Knife' reviewed by Rebecca Colette Lawrence - an update from Simon Campbell

Lovely review by Becky at Music and Manxies.

Since strapping on his first guitar at the age of 16, Simon Campbell has spent his life immersed in music, a passion which has given him a wealth of experience across decades, countries and genres.

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Simon Campbell is breaking the rules with music and creating a genre all of his own. Isn't that what music is all about? His recent album The Knife is literally cutting edge mixing blues with Americana and contemporary folk music. It really is a style all of it's own.

In the late 1970s, while still a university student in Salford, Simon furthered his musical education with hard-rockers Whitefire. The band released an EP and toured the UK before taking a 'Punk-esque R & B' direction under their new moniker, Roadrunner.

His move to the Isle of Man in 2008 and subsequent involvement with its vibrant music scene led to a new a chapter in Simon's journey and in 2011 saw the release of his first solo album, ThirtySix.

The perfect showcase for Simon's versatility and profound musical understanding, ThirtySix harnesses a wide variety of guitar styles while being grounded in a deep-seated love of Rock and Blues.

In the year of its release, he was nominated for a prestigious British Blues Award.

I remember seeing him perform his tracks from ThirtySix at the Villa Marina and it was a fantastic show and a great album. He really is a true showman and has a wonderful, deep but friendly tone and has the ability to captivate his audience.

He moved to Valencia, Spain in 2013 to complete work on his next album, 'The Knife', which was released on October 31st, 2014. This record reflects his increasing love of acoustic music from both sides of the Atlantic.

May 2014 saw Simon marry musician Suzy Starlite and together set up Supertone Records, a label dedicated to "manage, produce and sign quirky, beautifully recorded artists from everywhere and nowhere.

Whether writing, producing, recording or playing, Simon's appetite for musical exploration remains unabated and he intends to keep on running for a long time to come.

This second solo album showcases songs about real people and places: the observations of a Northern Man. It reflects Simon's increasing love of acoustic music from both sides of the Atlantic.

As I mentioned before it is a huge fusion of Americana and folk, digging deep into the roots of soulful music. It has pure passion throughout it and leaves you wanting more. The lyrics are mysterious and thought-provoking:

The knife cuts a hole in that beautiful chest, Through the silk fabric in which you are dressed, The blood seeps away like the joy sliding out of my soul.

It's really hard hitting, deep stuff - 5/5.

When interviewed by 24/7 Valencia Simon was asked what his inspirations / the story behind title track, The Knife. He said:

I met a guy in a bar in Manchester years ago, the sort of bloke you always remember – he was 'different'. Years later, I saw his picture in the newspaper. He had killed a man. The story was he had picked up a woman in a gay bar and went back to her place. When they started to become intimate, he realised the 'girl' was a 'guy' and murdered him with a hammer and chisel... Nice.

Rebecca Colette Lawrence