The Supertone Show Podcast with Claude Robillard

The Supertone Show Podcast with Claude Robillard - an update from Simon Campbell

'The Supertone Show' is a music-based podcast co-hosted by Suzy Starlite and Simon Campbell from Supertone Records.

In this episode they talk to special guest Canadian musician Claude Robillard of Daze of Dawn which involved a few surprises, including the musician that turns him off in a big way!

Featuring GRAMMY Award winners and nominees, musicians, producers and artists from the creative community either on tour or working in Valencia, Suzy & Simon, with their informal, sometimes irreverent banter, make it personal - chatting about: what turns them off as well as on, backstage / tour stories, who has inspired them, the contents of their fridge, a little gear-geekery, music industry trivia... plus a little cultural taste of what life is like away from the tourist trail in beautiful España.

This show is sponsored by DWJ Pedals - the best boutique effects pedals they have heard!

An episode will be broadcast every alternate Sunday at 2000 (GMT/UT) and once released, you can subscribe via iTunes and Mixcloud or why not grab the feed direct for your own podcast player. Check the Supertone Records Facebook page for dates!