ThirtySix Review by John Gregory

ThirtySix Review by John Gregory - an update from Simon Campbell

A lovely review by John Gregory of Isle of Man dot com.

Simon is a highly talented and experienced blues rock guitarist. Throughout the album there are several nods to Led Zeppelin, both in the guitar parts and also his vocals which occasionally remind me of Robert Plant.

'Still Got Time to Be My Babe' has a feel and sound reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac's Need Your Love So Bad. It's a beautiful track and one of my favourites on the album.

All this is not surprising considering his blues rock credentials. Perhaps what is more surprising is the fact that the album goes beyond that classic blues rock sound with some tracks straying into funk, jazz and soul as well - all performed impeccably and with taste.

Simon is someone who has spent decades on the quest for the perfect guitar tone. It's been a journey more epic than the Lord of the Rings trilogy but that dedication to how things sound has certainly paid off with this release.

Overall this is an album that is confident and is full of swagger - Simon gives it his all both vocally and musically. There are a great selection of uptempo songs which are instantly memorable and, as expected, the guitar playing is sublime.

In a world where a good chunk of music in the charts relies on gimmicks, fashion and manufactured stars, it is nice to switch on an album where musicianship is key and where the guitar is king. Long may it rule.

Nice one John! ThirtySix is on sale now.