Blueberry Pie by Simon Campbell


Blueberry Pie

Released on by Supertone Records

Blueberry Pie by the Starlite Campbell Band is now available to order - a fresh taste of British Blues.

Inspired by the mid-to-late 60's electric blues, the new album by Suzy Starlite and Simon (aka the Starlite Campbell Band) features Steve Gibson on drums (Van Morrison, Jack Bruce, Chris Farlowe), Jonny Henderson on Hammond organ and Wurlitzer electric piano (Robben Ford, Matt Schofield, Otis Rush) with special guest Danny Boy Sánchez on harmonica.

It was recorded at Supertone Records studio in Estivella, Spain,

Suzy and Simon, who co-wrote the album said:

The heartbeat of Blues music for us lies in the telling of life's stories and experiences and, as songwriters, wanted to document a sonic snapshot of the flavours and feel of life today.

Simon, who produced the album said:

My favourite period of the British / Electric Blues was from 1965 to 1969; the days of the original Fleetwood Mac with Peter Green, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck (not forgetting our US friends Mike Bloomfield, Roy Buchanan and Danny Gatton etc) in their respective bands. This late 60's thing typifies the 'feel' and 'sound' that we were aiming for on the record, but of course with a few surprises.

He added:

I did my first guitar session at the young age of 17 in 1975, and I was terrified, marvelling at the environment and being surrounded by many fine, well-seasoned musicians, engineers and producers (including Big Jim Sullivan and Derek Lawrence) so I was lucky enough to learn first-hand from some of the music industries finest producers about recording techniques and music production.

'Blueberry Pie' is best described as having a light and succulent crust of electric and acoustic guitars, long and short scale basses, vintage amplifiers, 1961 vintage Hammond organ and Wurlitzer electric piano, harmonica, drums and natural voices. The filling is made of contemporary stories of loss, love, despair an most importantly, lots of hope...

'Blueberry Pie' was released on 1st February, 2017 and available in super high quality digital, CD and special Limited Edition Vinyl directly from the band and:


  1. Walkin' Out The Door [05:15]
  2. I Need A Light [4:22]
  3. You're So Good For Me [3:26]
  4. Cry Over You [5:14]
  5. Say What You Want [4:53]
  6. Blueberry Pie [2:56]
  7. Guilty [5:12]
  8. Empire [2:56]
  9. Don't Get Me Wrong [4:44]
  10. Shimmy [3:49]
  11. Thrill You [5:48]


Recorded at Supertone Records: Estivella, Spain
Mastered by Jon Astley: Close to the Edge Mastering, London


  • Just as the Rolling Stones are making huge waves with their 30th studio release, Blue & Lonesome, along come a couple of seasoned musicians who bring back the sound of early UK blues, to near perfection.

    JD Nash, American Blues Scene

  • Together they have recorded a truly superb album that accurately picks up the vibe of the mid-late 60s British Blues scene. Yet this is no copycat rehash – it is as fresh and exciting as any new Blues, but with a serious salute to that older, highly influential, period. One of the best Blues albums that I’ve heard in a long time.

    Phil the Music Quill, Phil The Music Quill

  • This is one fine piece of British Blues from the opening ‘Walkin’ Out The Door’ to the last with ‘Thrill You’. It looks as though 2017 is already starting with a greater sense of musical joi de vivre than 2016 and this album definitely adds to that. A real slice of the right attitude and great playing

    Andy Snipper, Music News

  • Blueberry Pie is a big bowlful of luscious rock and blues with thoughtful lyrics, played with precision. It’s that damn good.

    Phillip Smith, Philly Cheeze's Rock and Blues Reviews

  • What makes this band stand out is a sophistication in songwriting, which, coupled with Simon’s seriously blues inflected guitar work, makes this contemporary blues album

    Ian McKenzie, Blues in the South

  • It’s a great record to put on to while away an hour, with its familiarity and sweet sound, but it will give it’s greatest reward if you pay attention, focus a little and see exactly how good a contemporary blues record can be.

    Ian McHugh, Blues is the Truth

  • A refreshing blast of good, solid blues, it’s as sweet as a slice of that Blueberry Pie!

    Sheryl and Don Crow, Nashville Blues Society

  • Overall, an excellent debut album from these experienced musicians who have clearly put their heart and soul into.

    Eric Campfens, Barn Owl Blues

  • Blueberry Pie isn’t ground-breaking, or wildly adventurous, but it knows where it’s coming from. It’s also fresh and modern, it’s witty and literate, it swings and it rocks, and it’s well-nigh perfectly executed. Hell, even the cover photograph is sparky.

    Ian Cameron, Blues Enthused

  • Blueberry pie is a promising debut from Starlite Campbell Band that convinces with tasteful events, a varied repertoire - where all the songs are written by Starlite and Campbell together - stylish and riveting guitar playing, and above all an ability to set a mood, as the listener can disappear completely into from start to finish.

    Jakob Wandam, Blues Reviews Denmark

  • Expect blues steeped in the British tradition with grooves that would fit into the soundtrack of Carnaby Street of the 1960’s given the modern twist.

    Liz Aikin, Blues Doodles

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