Happiness In Halos by Simon Campbell


Happiness In Halos

Released on by Supertone Records

In 2011 Simon bought a Tweed Deluxe amplifier, hand built by Ron Damiani from the Deluxe Speed Shop. The amp is ace and he asked him to record a demo for his website.

Simon started playing, Suzy started to sing a melody and the rest as they say is history. It's the first 'home recording' they have released so take a seat and enjoy.

Why not take a look at the video; there is a duck in it.

This music video was brought to you with the able assistance of our friends at Berberana Winery and Stolichnaya.


  1. Happiness In Halos [03:35]


Recorded at Supertone, Betera, Spain.
Mastered by Simon Campbell

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