Affairs Of The Heart


I know you must be seething when I said that I was leaving, you were right, I think about those nights when you yearned to hold me tight, is it wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong?

The way your eyes display all those things you meant to say, is it true? I think it's safe to say I would love you anyway if you leave, leave, leave, leave.

I didn't mean to stare but I loved that dress you wore the other night, The way you walked away, I was lost for words to say from the start. Affairs of the heart

If I loved her like before would it change that I adore your perfumed hair? I bet he can't respect all those things he can't connect in your heart, hard, hard, heart.

You are my ecstasy, a compliment to me, a muse revealing, I am your meant to be, a sonic trilogy, a love awakened.

I tried to write a letter cause I thought that I knew you better, I was lost, It wouldn't change the fact that opposites don't attract any more, more, more, more...

Written by Simon Campbell
Track Length 3:26