Broken Man


I crawled out of the wreckage of another sleepless night, Bearing all the scars of one more pointless fight, Just livin’ here is tough in these days of fire and ice, I still love you babe, but it's costing too high a price.

Sometimes I feel up, you always bring me down, Do you hear me crying? There ain't no other sound, Hoping and praying for somewhere calm to belong, But this hell doesn't end, it just rolls on and on.

Sometimes I feel, feel like a broken man, Too hurt to heal, I’m a broken man, You make me feel like a broken man.

Ain't no fun on this rollercoaster ride, Help me down, help me down, Just soaking up them same old blues, I’m going down, I'm going down, I'm going down...

I cried out in the darkness to the holy one above, But I keep getting compromised by the only one I love, Holding on for good times, holding back on the bad, Just waiting for the sunshine 'n' singing songs, singing songs about the deal, About the deal that I never had...

Written by Simon Campbell (music) and Tim Wright (words)
Track Length 3:51