I want to say what I know is true You know I love you brother and that’s the truth Enigmatic is what they say But love with honour goes a long long way

These situations give us positive things You and me both wearing our rings We go out, never in disguise We leave them laughing with tears in their eyes.

My Brother, talking about my brother He loves to party and he loves to drink He doesn’t give a shit about what the others may think.

Leave it alone, keep them at bay, A little bit of love goes a long long way Give us a rest, give us a break These good old boys have had as much as they can take

You feel alone but what can I do there’s a thousand miles between me and you Like brothers in arms the battle is there The odds are large but it is never fair

Its been happening ever since that we met I don’t believe in all the things that are said The road is long and we struggle until The time comes for us to pay the bill...

Written by Simon Campbell
Track Length 4:18