Hot As Hell


I ain't got no sense of humour I ain't got no time for you You would need another life to do the things I’m goin’ to do I can see right through you woman you're a vixen I can tell Goin’ to eat your pretty heart out woman I’m as hot as hell.

Tell your momma I’m a comin' Goin' to steal your heart away You can fill a million novels with the things I’m goin' to say Got you round my little finger Got you caught up in my spell Goin’ to burn your pretty fingers babe I’m as hot as hell.

Well your daddy's out a boozin and your mommas on the game Got me layin’ on your pillow You don't even know my name Goin a hawkin and a talkin Ain't got nothin' left to sell, oh no Goin’ to work your skinny ass off babe I’m as hot as hell.

Written by Michael Brabbin: Lyrics. Simon Campbell: Music
Track Length 2:48