Sorry I Broke Your Heart


There were just the two of us, the whole world watching us,
Didn't we see the glory?
Dancing on that perfect stage, we took our place,
We made the magic easy.

At the time it seemed the right thing to do,
I was thoughtless, didn't know what it might do to you,
Now I see it, as the truth has been revealed,
I'm sorry; sorry I broke your heart.

Tenderly I took you there, pulled the ribbon from your hair,
I never knew it was so good.
Only as the time goes by, it makes me cry,
I am so glad I made you.

Circumstances often lead the way to pain,
A happy end for such a few,
After all these years we've lived divergent lives,
But I guess - you, already knew...

There were others watching us, planning on destroying trust,
I was so young and foolish,
But now the answers out-o-there, kept the ribbon from your hair,
Cherishing all the memories...

Written by Simon Campbell
Track Length 3:09