Germino Classic 45 - The very best Marshall JTM 45 out there

Germino Classic 45

The very best Marshall JTM 45 out there

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My first amplifiers were Marshall JTM45's. I owned two of them, blew an output transformer, sold them, bought another in the 90's and sold that. The fact is I keep coming back to this amplifier and now have the ultimate clone available - totally breathtaking.

I love Fender amps; I love the Dumble's, but my heart has a very special place for the JTM45. There is nothing quite like my Flying V through this badger.

It's not all that loud and therefore you don't need an overdrive or fuzz. A cable straight in the front, a link cable so you can blend the two channels and there you go. Let the amp do the work and it sounds ace.

Every bugger from Jeff Beck, Angus Young and Billy Gibbons have, or still do, use them.

I don't really like the combo version (ie Bluesbreaker model), to me it sounds harsh - too much 'treble' man! The head with a great 4 x 12 sounds fantastic. Yes, it's big and awkward to move around, but worth it.

Greg Germino says:

The Classic 45 uses a Bass circuit as all early JTM era amplifiers. Early plexi tone control values are used consisting of a 56K slope resistor and 250pf capacitor. Filtering is low and combined with the high primary impedance of the R/S output transformer give the amp a softer feel compared to the later EL-34 JTM-50 and JMP-50 Bass models.

Greg personally builds the amplifiers using the finest parts and materials. Spot welded aluminum chassis, mil spec potentiometers, heavy duty switches, NOS tube sockets, Cliff jacks, F&T electrolytic capacitors. Film/foil vintage mustard style capacitors and carbon film/carbon comp resistor assortment hand wired on turret board complete the interior layout. Original diameter copper stranded wire is used for all wiring and each amp is laid out and assembled as an original JTM-45 would be.

I had mine fitted with all NOS tubes and I can tell you (from experience) this amp faithfully replicates the tone of an original JTM-45, only better! I had a great experience dealing with him and the company. Perfect.

You can hear the amp, with the accompanying Germino 4 x12" cabinet, loaded with UK manufactured Heritage Celestion G12M's, on The Man off my secind solo album The Knife.

It was miked using one Royer R-122 directly into a Neve 1081 with no EQ...

Germino Classic 45 - The very best Marshall JTM 45 out there


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